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"If you're selling your product or service online, you need to be on
THE SOUND OF SOUL internet radio"--Karen Williams, president Fluid Communications
As the number of individuals with access to a fast broadband connection increases, so do the number of people who have access to streaming music and internet stations.  Over the last several years, internet radio has grown tremendously in the U.S. A Statistica report says:


New, internet-based or online radio platforms now account for

over 500 million dollars’ worth of streaming music revenue and

the format continues to grow with each passing year. The decline

of over-the-air radio is, in many ways, being offset by the growth of

its online counterpart.


What internet radio offers to listeners is an opportunity to listen to what they like, when they like. 

 The Sound of Soul Radio caters to people who like Classic Soul and R&B of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s -- but with a twist.  While the station streams music, it also offers personalities that have scheduled shows throughout the week that play music, give insight and offer commentary.  That’s not something you’re going to find on regular terrestrial radio anymore.


Is advertising on an online station worth it?

According to Pew Research Center, people 12 and older who listen to online radio weekly has risen from 12% in 2017 to 60% in 2019.  With stations catering to different niches in the market… [it] provides excellent audience-targeting options. 


The Sound of Soul provides:

  •   Male and Female 45+

  • Active and engaged listeners

  • Loyal to shows

  • Active on social media pages

  • From various parts of the country

  • Disposable income

Listeners are not limited to your local market


Businesses, especially those who want broader geographical exposure – either regionally or nationally -- should look at internet radio as a valuable advertising platform.  You can reach exactly who you want to talk to through this medium.  

And Statistica says, “Radio ads cannot be skipped, and listeners are often doing less-distracting tasks when listening, meaning that you get an increased awareness of your ads when they play.”

Want to know more about advertising on The Sound of Soul? Contact us.
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